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First I am very thankful to you for landing on this page that means you are really interested in writing Guest post for Geek World. But before going to write or contacting me please read the following guidelines so that your post is 100% eligible to be posted on this website.  

What is guest posting?
Guest posting means others write and publish article for a website  and in return of that admin prompts his/her page in the author bio. Publisher will get audience and popularity.
Before going to submit the post please go through following:
1)   We highly recommend Quality post/articles. Those Guest post just written for getting backlinks    and that articles written by tweaking others articles are strictly prohibited.
2)     Articles are highly and exclusively written for Geek World only. Please do not write similar articles  on other websites.
3)     The post or articles should be Useful; it may contain illustrative imageslinks to desired pages or anything that requires explaining the subject completely.
4)      No copyrights volition in any means.
5)      In returns of the post we promote your website by giving byline in the author bio.

Important NotePlease do not write articles or posts to promote specific products or services. This post come under category of paid or sponsored review. If you want to do so then please mention in your email about that.  We only publish paid review after using and testing of product or services.

How to send us your guest post to us?
Type the article in DOC or DOCX format and attach images with it and email it to  admin@geekworldz.com

Thank you and we will look forward.