Quiz - Test Your Memory - 1


General Quiz

  1. Which of the following Film’s poster created the Guinness world record for the Biggest Film Poster
  2.    Bajarangi Bhai John
       Jurassic World

  3. Which of the following sports is not played using a ball?
  4.    Tennikoit
       Field Hockey

  5. The human hear comprises of how many chambers?

  6.    4

  7. Who amongst the following are the owners of the news paper The Hindu?

  8.    Kasturi & Sons Ltd.
       Benett Coleman &Co. Ltd
       Network 18
       News Corp

  9. In2014, Rajiv Suri was appointed as CEO to which of the following international companies?

  10.    Adobe systems

  11. During which of the following festivals, Kites are flown?

  12.    Atlatadde
       Makara Sankranthi
       Ganesh Chaturdhi

  13. Ajantha and Ellora caves are located in which of the following states?

  14.    Madhya pradesh

  15. Which of the following planets is also called as the red planet?

  16.    Jupiter

  17. Where did the game chess born?

  18.    India

  19. The state west Bengal is located in which part of India?

  20.    Northern

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