Learn to Appreciate what you are given


Once after a right time, there was a guy who was very useful, kindhearted, and generous. He was a guy who will help someone without asking anything to pay him back again. He shall help someone because he wants to and he wants to.

One day while walking into a dusty road, a purse was seen by this man, so he picked it up and pointed out that the purse was empty. Suddenly a female with a policeman shows up and gets him arrested.

The female kept on requesting where do he cover her money but the man replied, "It was empty when I found it, Mam." The woman yelled at him, "Please give it back, It's for my son's institution fees." The person found that the girl thought miserable really, so he handed all his money.  He could say that the girl was an individual mother.  The man said, "Take these, sorry for the hassle." The girl remaining and policeman held he man for even more questioning.

The woman was happy but when she counted her money down the road, it was doubled, she was stunned.  One day while woman was going to pay her son's college fees towards the school, she noticed that some thin man was walking behind her.  She thought that he might rob her, so she approached a policeman standing nearby.  He was the same policeman, who she took along to check out her purse.  The girl advised him about the man pursuing her, but out of the blue they saw that man collapsing.  They ran at him, and saw that he was the same man whom they arrested few days back for stealing a purse.

He seemed very poor and female was mixed up.  The policeman said to the girl, "He didn't gain your money, you received by him his money that day.  He wasn't the thief but hearing about you son's school fees, he felt sad and gave you his money."  Later, they helped man operate, and man told the woman, "Please go ahead and pay your son's school fees, I saw you and followed that you make sure that no-one steals your son's school fees."   The woman was speechless.

Moral : Life gives you strange experiences, sometime it shocks you and sometimes it may surprise you. We end up making wrong judgments or mistakes in our anger, desperation and frustration. However, when you get a second chance, correct your mistakes and return the favor. Be Kind and Generous. Learn to Appreciate what you are given.

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