Complete surrender means complete happiness

Complete surrender means to recognize life as it comes, to trust god blindly.

Sometimes in life things aren't going the true way you required them to be. Things aren't in your control. Then surrender completely.

Some situations in our life are not so complicated but we make them by taking stress. While you complete surrender and ready to face your situations then you will realise life is much less tough as you think.

Whenever you are in difficult situation just relax and think now what you can do rather than shouting or taking stress. Stress is itself a hard situation and it doesn't makes you find any solution. We give much negative energy to our problems they become worse.

Positive thinking and notion in god help always. Always believe god is by your things and part are working out. He loves you shall never do bad for you. Stay calm you will feel divine force is helping you. The problem gets vanished. You will find a solution often . God's vitality is unlimited he is able to reach where no one can think off.

Complete surrender means complete happiness. No prospects, no be anxious, no hope in support of acceptance. When we completely surrender things start changing . You will come out as winner more stronger then before.

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