How To Calculate The Taper Angle & Taper Ratio

           A taper shaft is the one which have the incremental diameter for every unit of its length. For suppose if a taper ratio for a taper shaft is 1:8 , it means  that for every 8 units increment in length there is a one unit increase in diameter.

Q : Taper ratio is known, smaller diameter is known, length is known, then how to find the major diameter?

We need to follow the formula in order to find the major diameter:

     Taper ratio = Length of the shaft / (major diameter-minor diameter)

For suppose if the taper ratio is 1:8, then after substituting

     8/1 = 14.7/ ( D-8)

After calculating, the major diameter comes out as 9.83mm.

If the diameters, length is known, the by using the above formula taper ratio can be known.

How to calculate the taper angle?

         If taper angle to be known then we need to use some trigonometric equations. Taking the above said example,

         In the above case, if the taper angle to be known, then we need to use tan theta (as we know opposite and adjacent sides).

 By using tan theta, the angle theta can be known.


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