Do the Bees die after they sting us?

Bees after string us

There are many varieties of bees. Some of them are Bumble bees, wasps & worker honey bees.  Out of the above, Bumble bees & wasps will survive multiple stings. Its only worker honey bees that die after demonstrating a sting. The reason behind this is due to construction of the bee itself.

The worker honey bees stinger is shaped like harpoon (a spear like weapon head used in hunting whales and large fish). When the stinger impinges itself into the target (for ex: human skin), it is so effective that the bee cannot pullout free. When it tries to get away, the bee has to undergo severe pain and sometime it self-amputates the stinger. During this process, stinger along with it removes part of its digestive track, as well as some nerves and muscles. If this happens, the bee cannot survive this trauma and dies as a result.


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